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Ask Your Coach

Kellie Davis

Bret Contreras

Achieve your best results with three experts by your side. Ask questions, get answers, and learn how to build your best physique through our Ask Your Coach sessions.

Find out what other members want to know with monthly Ask Your Coach video sessions, forum discussions, and form check reviews. The greater your knowledge, the greater your success!

Learn proper glute activation, movement patterns, progressive overload principles,form correction and more through our tutorials. Get quick information that you can implement right away. All memberships are on a monthly autopay plan. If you wish to cancel, please email

The Community

Interact with fellow glute-builders in our online community. Say hello, track workouts, get advice, share your success, and learn about other important topics in health and fitness.

Our exclusive fitness forum extends to all Get Glutes members as a way to help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s a great way to get to know other fitness-minded women and meet others working through the same exercise program. Find support, ask fellow members and experts for advice, and share your personal experience on the site.

Our community also provides further information about the programs, insight on fitness and health-related news, and offers a tremendous support system as you work toward building your best body.

Sculpt your best butt ever with the Get Glutes Online Workout System designed by women’s glute transformation coaches Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis. Our online fitness program makes it easy to build the body you deserve whether you exercise at home or in the gym. Each month you will receive new workouts automatically until you decide to cancel. Just send us a quick email to

Each month receive 6 instructional workout videos designed to help you strengthen, reshape, and build an incredible body from head to toe—with a strong emphasis on your backside. Your videos include easy to follow exercise tutorials explaining how to perform each exercise correctly, along with equipment alternatives, and regressions/progressions.

You also receive workout logs and templates, a warm-up, cool-down, and glute-activation routine. Each routine is broken down into shorter segments for easier access—putting all the necessary tools for a successful workout right at your fingertips.

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