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The other week Bret posted an article about our long-term GetGlutes member Shelley. You can read it here. This is a follow up interview with Shelley so you can learn about her incredible transformation inside and out. Shelley is a mother of 5 who is an avid outdoor adventurer and lover of all things iron.



Tell us a bit about you
I am in my late thirties. I am married to the most amazing man and we have five children. I work part-time at my own consulting business. Although I was involved in sports as a kids and teenager, I don’t consider myself to be naturally athletic. My interests have always been in activities that involve nature, such as canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, etc. and fitness was more of a means to an end for me. Until I discovered lifting, of course.

You started training with me in December 2012. At that time, what was your fitness level and what did you need help with?
That was six months after the birth of my fifth child. Due to some complications, I wasn’t really able to exercise during the last half of that pregnancy. I felt like that, combined with 4 other pregnancies, had taken its toll. While my fitness level wasn’t bad, it certainly wasn’t great. I was heading into the later half of my thirties and felt like I was at a tipping point where I had to take action if I didn’t want things to go downhill rapidly.

I really needed help with where to start. In the past every time I had gone to a new gym I said that I wanted to learn how to lift, and every time the women trainers would look at me like I had two heads and then send me off to the cardio room. The thing is, I have never liked cardio. I loathe it and it has never given me results. The weight room always intrigued me and for years my husband had been encouraging me to take up lifting. The problem was I didn’t really know how to go about starting a lifting program and it seemed like my husband and I could never get time to go there together for him to help me set something up. So I started doing some Internet research. I came across your blog and decided it was time to get in touch with someone who could help me get started.

Fast forward to 18 months later and what have you achieved?
It’s hard to even know where to start. I feel like I have achieved so much in so many areas. I have made a lot of strength gains that I never thought possible. I can now hip thrust and glute bridge into the 300’s. I can do 4-5 chin-ups, 10-15 feet elevated push-ups, weighted push-ups. Due to a previous back injury I never thought I would deadlift more than my body weight. I just pulled 175 the other day without aggravating my back at all.

I think I have also finally achieved balance in terms of health and fitness. Previously, working out (i.e. cardio) was something that I felt like I had to do to avoid getting fat. Now I don’t even worry about my weight and I love my workouts. It’s been very liberating.

What hurdles did you have to overcome during this process?
I think most of the hurdles have been psychological. At one point I realized I had a lot of self-limiting thought patterns. Early on I remember seeing a video of you glute bridging over 300 pounds and my first reaction was, “I could never do that.” Over the past year I’ve learned that rather than telling myself I can’t do something that someone else can, I should be asking myself, what steps has that person taken to get there? I also used to be afraid to fail at a lift because I would feel embarrassed. I’ve come to realize that there’s no shame in missing a lift. You don’t know how much you can lift unless you try.

Did you have a sort of ‘ah-ha’ moment when everything clicked? If so, tell us about it.
I think there were probably two moments. One was when I realized that cardio wasn’t necessary. That was great!

The other moment was when I realized I needed to leave my emotions at the door and be more objective. This was pretty early on and I decided I was going to treat my journey more like a scientific study. I started collecting data in various forms so that I could really figure out what was and wasn’t working.

What inspires you to keep pushing the limits and taking on new challenges?
I’m always inspired by what the other women in the Get Glutes community are doing. They are so dedicated and encouraging. Seeing how strong they are is really inspiring.

We love canoeing and wilderness camping. We recently did a two-week backcountry trip with all our kids. It felt so great to be portaging huge packs easily. I love that I have found an activity (lifting) that then allows me to take my outdoor pursuits to the next level.

I also get really motivated when I go through my logs or look at my graphs (yes, I’m a geek). It’s great to see the improvements and seeing the areas that are lagging has inspired me to step up and make more of an effort in those areas.

Your strength gains are pretty impressive. Did you ever think you would be this strong? How has it improved other aspects of your life?
Never thought I would be this strong.

I feel like lifting has added a lot of balance to my life. Lifting is something I look forward to and a huge stress reliever. My diet has always been pretty good, but it’s gotten even better since I started lifting. I can really feel a difference in my workouts if I’ve been eating junk, so I’m a lot more motivated to keep my diet clean. I feel better about the way I look and I think that has had a positive impact on my marriage.

What do your kids think about their superhero mom?
I think they probably wish I would stop talking about lifting so much.

Has fitness changed your family life? If so, explain why.
We recently put a gym in our house so that my husband and I can work out together in the evenings. Now my older kids are starting to get interested in it as well.

If we just look at your scale numbers and nothing else, we might think you didn’t make much progress—which is far from the truth. At any time did the scale affect how you perceived your progress? If so, how did you change your mindset?
For most of my life I have weighed about 135 lbs, but felt I looked best at 130 lbs. It took awhile to get over the mindset that I would look best at 130 lbs. At one point I decided to do a cut and limited myself to 1500 calories per day in an effort to get rid of some fat. I got down to 132 lbs, but I didn’t look as good. I was losing muscle and my strength hit a plateau. Eating that little didn’t feel healthy and by that time strength was more of a priority for me, so I decided to stop giving so much value to the scale numbers. When I took my last progress pictures I was pushing 140 lbs. I couldn’t have achieved those changes if I freaked out and starved myself every time the scale went up.

Your body is incredible, if I do say so myself. You’ve definitely gone from “you look great for having kids,” to “you look off the charts amazing!” Your transformation has defies so many myths about being a mom and about fitness. What advice can you give other women when it comes to overcoming myths and stereotypes?


There are a few things.

1) As a mom, I think the first thing you have to ask yourself is, “Would I want my child to treat themselves the way I’m treating myself?” I wouldn’t want my children to starve themselves, so I’m not going to starve myself. I wouldn’t want my children to bombard themselves with images of unrealistic physiques and then beat themselves up emotionally when they don’t attain those physiques, so I’m not going to do that.
2) You can’t have it all. If getting into shape is a priority, then you may have to give up some other things in order to fit it into your schedule. For me it was a matter of cutting back on a number of hobbies.
3) It doesn’t have to be that hard. You don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill and in cardio classes. Just lift heavy for 30-40 minutes three times a week following a progressive overload program and eat whole foods most of the time.
4) Be patient – there are no quick fixes. On the Get Glutes forum we’re always reminding each other that it takes two years to build a physique. It takes time for your body to build muscle.
5) Break your long-term goals down into small attainable steps; tackling one thing at a time. For example, when I started working with you my long-term goal was to have a good physique. In order for that to happen there were a lot of things I needed to do, the most obvious being working out consistently. So I set one attainable goal – to work out three times per week consistently for 3 months. That was it. By the end of the 3 months working out was a habit and then I could move on to the next thing. Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to make too many changes at once.

Member Spotlight: Kristen’s Transformation

Kristen's tranformation

Kristen’s tranformation

In January 2013 I found Get Glutes through Marianne Kane. I joined when it launched and started the workouts to get in shape for my wedding in September, 2013. At this point, I weighed 132 lb and was a size 8-10.  I immediately fell in love with heavy lifting and increased my protein intake (I thought this was “eating to support my training”), although I still struggled with being afraid of carbs and fats. I continued to suffer from disordered eating patterns and was obsessed about what foods I couldn’t eat. Literally there were days when I would walk down the street and I remember hallucinating cheeseburgers for heads on people walking by. The deprivation during the week necessitated a binge day on Saturday, which while not as excessive as in the past, was not conducive to my fat loss goals or more importantly having a healthy relationship with food. I was always hangry and food-obsessed during the week, and shamed myself for being a glutton who couldn’t control her food intake on the weekend – I was not in a good place. I was also still clinging to my obsession with HIIT and excessive amounts of conditioning as I thought this was how to “tone” and lose fat, not to mention I felt very guilty about binge-eating and that I had to “work off” those calories. For the first 5-6 months on the Get Glutes program I didn’t see major strength or shape gains since I was still doing at least 30 minutes of HIIT before or after (often both) nearly every strength workout.

It was exhausting and my body was tired, but I was convinced that I needed to do this. Bret would always give me shit about it, but I really didn’t understand at this point that what I REALLY needed was just heavy lifting, more resting, and not trying to make up for binge calories with exercise, and that just not binge-eating in the first place was far easier. After many frequent big kicks by Bret, Kellie Davis and Marianne Kane, I dropped all conditioning work and maintained extreme consistency in the gym, getting 4 – 5 strength sessions in a week. To my complete surprise the magic started happening! (This is when I had to admit, that of course, The Glute Guy knows better than me). I quickly put 3 inches onto my butt, I got up to 3 x 225 x 10 my BBHT, did my first unassisted pull up with proper form, and I was gaining strength like a boss. I was losing dress sizes and bodyfat, although my weight was stable at 132 lb.

What I’ve learned

My main focus now is building strength, and this definitely takes priority over conditioning. While I still add some accessory work (isolation work for upper body) a few times per week,  or a short conditioning finisher (< 10 minutes), I do not go overboard on either because if I do it will impact the compound movements in my next workout – I’ve tried the overboard approach and it fails. Every. Time.

I have learned to taper myself in the gym in order to ensure my next training session is a productive one, and to listen to my body when it needs to rest – why go for a workout when I’m really sore and tired if it’s just going to suck?  That’s not to say I don’t push it and train hard, because I do. I grunt sometimes and make faces, and they’d probably ring the lunk alarm on me for grunting too much if I trained at Planet Fitness. I still get sore, and I train if I’m a bit sore, but now I know the difference between slightly sore and able to train with good form vs. exhausted sore and needing rest. I know the value of being consistent with heavy lifting, the value of rest, and that my body requires both in order to build the muscle mass I desire.  I know now that if I beat the crap out of my body every session it won’t perform optimally and this will impact my strength and physique gains. I know that to perform well in the gym, utilize progressive overload and get stronger, and not to mention maintain a sane relationship with food, I need to feed my body well and not restrict entire macro groups.  I have learned too that like everyone, while I have my trouble spots, I also have things about my body that I love! Although my abs may never be 6-pack ripped, as this seems to be where I am genetically predisposed to hold on to fat, you could bounce a quarter off my ass and I can BBHT and BBGB more than any of the men at my gym.

So, with that, any ladies reading this who aren’t sure that heavy lifting is for you… well… heavy lifting is for everyone! Get Glutes style workouts will give you the body you only dreamed conditioning would give you – b/c conditioning won’t give you that coveted curvaceous, “toned” look, and it definitely won’t give you a sweet butt. You need muscle for that and you need to be strong.


This is an excerpt from Kristen’s full story published on BretContreras.com.

Winter Wonderland Workout for Your Glutes


Glutes Workout for Home

Glutes Workout for Home

Oh, the weather outside is darn right chilly and heading outdoors for exercise (even if it’s just getting from your car to the gym) seems a bit uninviting. GetGlutes doesn’t want you to miss out on your glutes workouts, so we put together this quick bodyweight and bands routine for home.

This routine is great to fit in during the busy holiday season where plans, preparation, and travels can take up a bit of your workout time. In addition, this is great for snow days, rainy days, or days when you just don’t want to leave the warm fireplace.

Your Routine:

1a. Bodyweight hip thrust pause rep: 3 x 15-25 with 2 second pause
1b. Band seated abduction: 3 x 15-20
2a. Sliding side lunge: 3 x 6-12 each side
2b. Band donkey kick: 3 x 8-12 each side
3a. Band bent knee pull through: 3 x 12-15
3b. Double quadruped transverse hip abduction: 3 x 6-10 each side
4. Long-levered RKC plank: 2 x 20-45 sec

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Poll Results and Winners Announced!

The results are in for our first annual GetGlutes Coaches’ Challenge!

First let’s announce the winners to the contest. We have 6 prizes up for grabs and Kellie did the drawing this morning. Watch this short (we promise it’s short) video to see if you’ve won.


Poll Results (193 votes) 


Most GluteTastic Workout

Marianne: 53%

Kellie: 27%

Bret: 20%


Master Hip Thruster

Bret: 58%

Marianne: 25%

Kellie: 17%


Most Grueling Workout

Bret:  58%

Marianne: 27%

Kellie: 15%


Best Overall Form

Marianne: 52%

Kellie: 34%

Bret: 14%


Best Side Kick

Max: 100%

The Guy Yelling at Bret: 0%


Humans . . .

Humans . . .

We are not sure if Max is digging his prize.


Thanks again for participating. This was really fun for us as coaches and we will hold more contests like this in the future.


Don’t forget our deals are running from now through December 25th.

*After your purchase PLUS free months, your membership will continue on a recurring billing cycle of $19.95 per month. If you’d like to keep your membership after your free months, then you don’t need to do anything. However, if you’d like to discontinue your membership after your free month, please notify us at support@getglutes.com so we can stop any further payments. This information will go out in an email once you sign up.

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Get Your Glutes On Coaches’ Challenge


We work great as a team, but we’re always up for a little friendly competition. Your GetGlutes coaches designed and tested what they thought to be the best glutes workout and now it’s time for you to decide the winner.

We’ve set up a survey with different categories. Click the link below after watching the video to cast your vote. We are also giving away great prizes to our loyal community, so don’t forget to also leave a comment below to enter the drawing.

  • Three winners will receive a GetGlutes Tank
  • Two winners will receive a FREE one month membership
  • One winner will receive a FREE three month membership


All you need to do is take the survey and post a comment about the workouts below.



Click here to take survey


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